Need a ride

Hours of operation
21:00 - 3:00

(778) 866-6673

We look forward to getting you home safely. Please note that you must have a car for us to drive as we are not a taxi service. As well, you will need to have room and seat belts in your vehicle for our designated driver AND navigator. Thanks!


Hours of operation

Please bring the volunteer application form to the RCMP Detachment office at 6355 Deer Lake Avenue or to any of the Community Police stations, along with 2 pieces of government ID to have a criminal record check done. Once your check is processed, we will contact you ASAP. THANK YOU very much!

ICBC Claim Center
100 Blue Mountain St

ICBC Claim Center Coquitlam, BC, V7M 3H9

Information : (778) 789 0524
Dave Wilkinson

Information : (604) 341-0241
Chris Wilson

Dates of operation (red)

Hours of operation : 21:00 - 3:00 (778) 866-6673 2014/11/28, 2014/11/29, 2014/12/05, 2014/12/06, 2014/12/12, 2014/12/13, 2014/12/19, 2014/12/20, 2014/12/31

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