As an active road safety player, Operation Red Nose offers various services throughout the year:

  • To businesses with the interactive C’est notre tournée! conference in the province of Quebec
  • To police detachments in the province of Quebec with the Bouclez-la! crash simulator
  • To Quebec High schools and colleges with Tournée Party sans Déraper
  • And, of course, with our famous safe ride service provided to motorists during the month of December

Operation Red Nose’s safe ride service is confidential and free. And, 100% of all client donations are given to local non-profit youth organizations.

The service is not exclusive to motorists who have been drinking; it’s also available for those who don’t feel fit to drive because of fatigue or medication, for example. One can call on the services of Operation Red Nose more than once during the course of an evening, either to get from one location to another, or simply to get home safe.

The Operation Red Nose service is provided to the community by the community. Each year, more than 55, 000 volunteers make this service possible across the country. They operate from within their local headquarters as phone operators, dispatchers or by training other volunteers, or on a road team of three volunteers including: the escort driver, the volunteer driver, and the navigator.

Escort driver 
This volunteer uses his or her personal vehicle in order to drive the volunteer driver and the navigator to the location where the client is waiting. Once the client has reached his destination, the escort driver takes his two team mates and either heads back to the headquarters or phones dispatch to receive instructions about the next ride.
Volunteer driver 
The volunteer who drives the client’s vehicle.
This volunteer rides along with the volunteer driver and the client in the client’s vehicle. The navigator usually sits in the front and makes sure that everything goes well. The navigator also acts as the team’s secretary by filling out the transportation form, and preparing a receipt for any donation received.

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