Planning Some Holiday Cheer? Call a deer!

For it's 30th annual campaign, Operation Red Nose is held under the theme "Planning Some Holiday Cheer? Call a deer!".

From November 29th to December 31st  2013, volunteers wearing the famous red vest will be on the road to provide Canadians who feel unfit to drive with a safe alternative to get back home. 


From November 29th to December 31st , 2013 
Welcome of the 1 000 000th volunteer in December 2013
106 communities from six Canadian provinces

31 décembre: Jean-Marie De Koninck

Every once in a while, someone gets a genius idea that goes beyond what they originally imagined.  The idea to offer a safe ride home service as a fundraising activity for his Swim Club was quite original to begin with.  Of course, the proceeds allowed the club to provide the swimmers with better training conditions, but it also offered a safe solution for those who, at the end of a night, wanted to go home with their vehicle, even if they weren’t in a condition to drive them.  Jean-Marie saw an opportunity to help youth projects and amateur sport while tackling the serious problem of impaired driving. 

Thinking he was going to run the Operation Red Nose campaign in Quebec City only, Jean-Marie started receiving enquiries from other groups in the province, as well as from organizations elsewhere in Canada, who wanted to bring the program to their community.  Well, you know what happened after that... There was a snow ball effect!  Jean-Marie received tremendous support from the get-go, which allowed him to make Operation Red Nose a structured and recognized program.  Since then, other organizations have brought the program to their community for its positive influence on the behaviours of motorists.

Over all those years, Jean-Marie has had numerous opportunities to answer phone calls from clients, welcome volunteers, dispatch rides, and drive people home.  Was he ever the mascot? Well... that’s a secret.

Thank-you Jean-Marie for instigating the ORN tradition!

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